The Gymnastics Experience

Our goal at Becca’s Place Gymnastics is to promote teamwork, self-confidence, strength, friendship and faith in a wholesome atmosphere while introducing the sport of gymnastics. Our approach is designed to motivate and challenge children with quality gymnastics instruction and training, innovative programs, and a well-rounded curriculum supporting healthy, happy children. Becca’s Place Gymnastics offers both recreational gymnastics classes as well as a competitive team program. Classes and programs focus on gymnastics skills coupled with flexibility, social skills and coordination. While gymnastics is fast paced and fun, it also provides an ongoing lesson in patience, determination and perseverance.

Our Story

Sisters Jessica Bohannon-Ferriss and Jennifer Ryan are carrying on the legacy of their parents, Bo and Robin Bohannon, who opened the gym in 2003. Bo and Robin not only wanted a gym for their three daughters but for children throughout the region who were interested in the sport of gymnastics. Bo and Robin always considered their work a calling where they could serve Jesus through the sport of gymnastics.

Tragically in 2006, their youngest daughter, Rebecca, was killed in a single vehicle automobile accident on her way to school. The gym closed for 18 months as the Bohannon family struggled with the loss. One day, Robin and Bo were at a local park, when Robin saw a young child playing. Robin knew it was Becca’s and God’s way of telling her what they needed to do. A mere eight weeks later, the gym reopened. When they decided to retire, Bo and Robin sold the gym to the two people they knew embodied the spirit upon which the gym was founded - steadfast in preserving Becca’s memory as well as her love for gymnastics and everyone she met.

Meet Our Staff


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Coach and Owner


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