Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does it cost to sign my child up for classes at Becca’s Place Gymnastics?
Tuition prices vary based on the length of the class and frequency. As a child’s skill progresses they may be invited to classes that meet more than once a week. Tuition is paid on a per session basis with thirteen, four-week sessions in a year. Some sessions span a five-week period due to holidays and scheduled closures. If you have more than one child participating in classes at Becca’s Place, tuition will be discounted. Military discounts are also available for children of active duty service members.
2Where are you located?
Becca’s Place Gymnastics is located in Hardin County at 4210 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia KY 42724.
3How does my child join the competitive gymnastics team?
Pre-testing will be completed at the close of the previous competitive season. Gymnasts will move through the levels at the discretion of the coaching staff based on their skills and abilities. If you’re new to Becca’s and your child is interested in joining our competitive team, please contact Jennifer and Jessica for more information at
4What should my child wear to practice?
While not required for recreational students, we recommend that your child wear a leotard with or without gymnastics shorts. If you do not have a leotard, please send your child to practice in clothes that allow him or her to move freely. Hair and bangs should always be out of the face and eyes. We also recommend that you send your child with a water bottle to practice as we do not have a water fountain available.
5What's the difference between the Xcel and Development programs?
The Development Program (DP) was created by USA Gymnastics with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows athletes to advance at her own pace, competing in more than one level in a year if he/she so chooses. The Development Program is divided into three major segments; developmental (levels 1-3), compulsory (levels 4-5), and optional (levels 6-10). At Becca’s Place, our gymnasts compete at levels 2-10. Xcel, like DP, has different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) that the gymnast can progress to as he/she learns more skills. Gymnasts who participate in Xcel also get the same competitive experience of being on a team and competing in front of a judge. While the Development Program has very strict requirements, the Xcel program is more relaxed and allows the gymnast greater range of skills, as well as more room to train and progress at their own pace. Often, gymnasts in the Xcel program do fewer competitions than their DP counterparts, lessening both the financial and time commitments. At Becca’s Place, mobility between the programs is not only possible but encouraged if either is a better fit than the other. Not sure which competitive program is right for your athlete? Our coaches can help determine where each gymnast will be the most successful.